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A universal pipe clamp hanger, designed for all types of pipework suspension within mechanical & plumbing services.


The Universal Clamp is designed for hanging all types of pipework within mechanical and plumbing services.

  • Suitable for pipe sizes 15 mm yo 104 mm OD
  • Up to 6 times faster than traditional methods such as threaded rod
  • Replaces more than 11 different pipe clamp sizes
  • Dual connection thread M8/M10
  • Temperature resistance: -40C to +110C
  • Retractable, removable sleeve is pre-fitted to wire rope to prevent galvanic corrosion
    • Single piece cast construction – not welded
    • Clamping range without gaps
    • No tools are required for installation
    • No risk of losing screws on site
    • Self-click closure for easy and fast fixing
    • Improved insulation against vibration
    • Easy site storage, reduces waste
    • Easy to calculate the quantity on a project plan
    • Available up to 45 kg SWL, with a 5:1 safety factor
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