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Solar Solutions & Capabilities

Install faster, work safer, and deliver better longer lasting renewable solar infrastructure

Gripple’s Cable Smart Management System is an engineer-design system that allows the Electrical contractor to keep their cabling above ground. Suitable applications includes String Cables or DC Bus/Trunk Cabling along fixed or tracker system for any size solar farm.

Installing cabling above ground on a solar farm can offer several advantages.

  • Ease of Maintenance
    Above-ground DC bus cabling is easier to access for maintenance and troubleshooting. This can lead to faster response times when addressing issues and minimising downtime.
  • Rapid Expansion
    Just like with string cabling, above-ground DC bus cabling is more scalable. Adding new solar panels or expanding the capacity of the farm can be achieved more quickly compared to underground options.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact
    Above-ground installation typically has a lower environmental impact since it doesn’t require excavation or soil disturbance. This can be advantageous in ecologically sensitive areas.
  • Cost Efficiency
    Installing DC bus cabling above ground is often more cost-effective due to reduced labour and materials required for trenching and burying cables.
  • Flexibility
    Above-ground cabling provides flexibility for future upgrades or changes to the solar farm layout. Reconfiguring or relocating cables is easier and less time-consuming.
Renewable components for Solar Solutions
Renewable components for Solar Solutions
Gripple Solar Solution Installation

Our Process

Offering a full turn key service that comprises of a detailed scope definition, design, installation guidance and an ongoing relationship. Through a collaborative approach, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific solar requirements.

Scope Definition

We undertake a comprehensive assessment of our clients requirements whether it be a small job, large utility project or somewhere in between.

Installation Guidance

Working closely with our contractors and suppliers, our team will set realistic and achievable timelines that will be delivered through strong leadership, robust occupational, health and safety systems, and quality assurance.


Our engineer design team provide the most complete, end to end service for all non-structural bracing requirements across the construction market. Our detailed engineer drawings include our proprietary technology.

On-going Relationship

Today the majority of our project work is repeat business because of the importance we place on cultivating strong, meaningful client relationships.

We firmly believe in drawing insights from completed projects, which fuel collective growth, paving the way for superior outcomes in the future

Our Values

On-going Relationship

Following the principals of ESG, fewer materials are used, which leads to less waste of product, less production time, and the ability to transport more items at once, leaving less of a footprint in manufacturing and transportation.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated engineering team are on hand to offer support at every stage of the project – ensuring that the most cost-effective, value-engineered solution is delivered. Test findings are available to be shared once NDA’s are signed.


Gripple’s PV Solar solutions are a reliable, cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Each solution is designed to reduce the materials required whilst improving structural integrity, leading to an easier install and superior performance.

Time & Cost Saving

The innovative designs are lightweight and versatile solutions, allowing for quicker installation on site, therefore reducing labour time, construction time, and reliance on tools. Gripple have been nominated and received numerous awards addressing efficient energy consumption.

Health & Safety

We strictly adhere to all local, state and national regulations relating to Health & Safety.

Sourcing quality products that meet the highest industry safety standards from external manufacturers, material suppliers and in our warehouse.


We work closely and openly to build long-term relations with custom, providing products which meet if not exceed expectations. Polyplas International prioritise the wellbeing and individual development of our employees.

Solar Solutions Products

Complete your project with one of Gripple’s most popular products for Solar Solutions or please contact the Gripple ANZ Renewable Area Manager.

Local assembly of kits in Rowville, Victoria, in conjunction with the utilisation of the most reputable logistics providers through our supply and delivery chain, means the most complete range of wire suspension and bracing systems with the shortest lead time throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Solar Bracing Kits

Wire Rope Solar Bracing Kits

Gripple Solar Bracing Kits

Solar Anchoring Kits

Solar Frame Ground Anchors

Cable Smart System

Faster, Safer Cable Management

Case Studies

Bank of New Zealand Seismic Bracing

Bank of New Zealand

Where: Nationwide throughout New Zealand What: Electrical, Mechanical, Fire, Plumbing, Security Seismic Restraints

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Elements of Byron Resort & Spa

Where: Byron Bay, Australia What: Lighting suspension

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Other Applications from Gripple

Duct works

Mechanical & HVAC

Gripple’s wire suspension kits are engineered with simplicity in-mind

Application Cable Tray

Electrical & Cable Tray

Gripple’s products are designed to save you time and labour costs, thus improving the efficiency of your installation

Seismic Bracing

Gripple Seismic Bracing Systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended non-structural equipment

Lighting Suspension

Lighting Suspension

Gripple has developed the lighting product range with trends in mind, delivering complete solutions for all lighting applications

Coldroom Storage

Insulated panel roof and walls can be suspended using several different methods

Other Applications

Ranging from signage & Shopfitting Hanging, Acoustic, Food & Humid Environments, Pipework to Suspension Solutions for Modules

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