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Hanging with Gripple Australia & New Zealand

Utilising an extensive number of high-profile brands and products to provide the highest quality building and trade solutions.

Gripple Australia & New Zealand

Gripple Head Office

A market-leading manufacturer of wire joiners and tensioners for agriculture, innovative suspension solutions for construction and various engineered solutions for civil, solar and other infrastructure applications.

Rikta Seismic Solutions

Rikta Seismic Solutions

RIKTA Seismic Solutions are industry leading products suitable for both rigid and non-rigid / wire bracing, RIKTA can offer the ideal solution for all non-structural component bracing.



Polyplas is Australia’s largest wholesaler in the coolrooms, freezer, cold storage and insulated panel markets. Supplying door hardware, suspension systems, panel fasteners, and vacuum lifting equipment from their Victorian Warehouse.

Cladboy Australia

CladBoy Australia

CladBoy Australia is a hire, sales and service company, specialising in ‘Vacuum Lifting Machines’, designed for the insulated panel market. We now have the largest modern hire fleet of mechanical handling units in Australia.



Join and tension wire in one for easy to tension and re-tension. Up to 4 times faster than knotting or other traditional methods.

Seismic Restraint New Zealand

Seismic Restraint New Zealand

Right across NZ from commercial offices and hospitals to schools and Homes Seismic Restraints NZ provides practical solutions to mitigate harm to people, equipment and buildings during seismic events.

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