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Can be bolted directly to soffit or wall, or suspend from the soffit using threaded rod or Gripple Hanger. Ideal for use with the Trapeze range.

  • Quick – pre-cut lengths eliminate the need for cutting channel on-site, allowing more productive use of labour. Eliminates the need for cutting channel on site.
  • Versatile – can be bolted directly to soffit or wall, or suspended from the soffit using a Gripple Hanger e.g. UniGrip QTUB
  • Compatible – uniform slots on three sides allow accurate alignment of Gripple clamps and QT accessories with the fourth side permitting the use of channel / strut accessories
  • Safe – improved health and safety as no tools or ‘hot works’ permit required for installation
  • Flexible – perfect for multi-service installations, using multiple hangers
  • Integrates with Trapeze No.2 and Y-Fit



Universal Bracket – Product Information Sheet

Installation Guide

Universal Bracket Installation
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