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The Gripple® GS25 Seismic Bracing Systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended nonstructural equipment (VAV boxes, fans, unit heaters, small FCU’s, pumps, etc.) and components (HVAC duct, conduit/cable tray, and piping) within a building or structure to minimise damage from an earthquake or seismic event. Complete bracing kits include a length of cable with pre-attached end fitting and colour-coded tag, Gripple Seismic fastener, and standard or retrofit bracket. 

Wire Size: 5mm

Wire Rope Description: Break strength certified, pre-stretched Gripple Seismic wire rope; Manufactured to ASTM A1023, ASTM A931.

GS25 Design Strength (LRFD): 1,470 kg

  • Complete pre-engineered systems
  • No field swaging of cables
  • Up to 10 times faster to install
  • No tools required
  • Colour coding allows easy field verification
  • Suitable for new or retrofit installations
  • Can be used in a variety of bracing configurations (transverse, longitudinal, 4-way)
  • In accordance with AS1170.4 and NS4219


GS25 Seismic Bracing Product Sheet

Seismic Bracing Kit – Product Information

GS25 Installation Guide

GS Seismic Bracing Installation Guideline
Kit Colour Load Rating kN Load Rating kg
GS25 Purple 14.42 kN 1,470 kg
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