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High seismic load requirements and prying actions often result in larger anchor requirements than the structure will allow. Large anchors often have both embedment and installation issues.

The 4-point plates allow loads to be distributed across several smaller anchors while maintaining recommended seismic distances between anchors. These plates have been extensively tested for cyclical seismic loads. The load path is directed through the centre of the plate to maximise load capacity.

The plate is manufactured from one solid piece of 10mm steel eliminating weaknesses created by joints. The 4 Point Plates are tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 171-2017, AC-156, and AS1170.0.

This is a non Gripple product ideal for use with GS10, GS12, GS19 and GS25 Seismic Bracing Kits. End fittings swaged to the length of wire rope. To be securely fixed to building structure using the anchor(s) provided. Supplied by Polyplas International.


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