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Designed for quick attachment to channel for the fast suspension of a variety of applications, including electrical and mechanical containment where fire resistance is required.

  • Fire rated – supplied with fire resistant wire. Independent test data available with load limits and exposure times
  • Simple – fast and easy installation using the washer or channel nut supplied, reducing time spent working at height
  • Quick – integral adjustment button allows for rapid changes in height, no Setting Key required
  • Secure – locking screw prevents movement of services once positioned
  • Strong – industry approved
  • Safe – no tools or hot works permit required for installation, improving health and safety on-site

Combine Trapeze Plus as an accessory with any Trapeze kit for multi-tiered installations.



Trapeze Plus – Product Information Sheet

Installation Guide

5:1 safety factor for load rating No.2 No.3 No.4
45 kg 90 kg 225 kg
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