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Where: Sydney, Australia
What: Cable tray and lighting


One of Sydney’s newest hotspots, Tramsheds at Harold Park has been reimagined and restored to its former glory offering a European style dining experience in an urban setting. Serving everything from sustainably sourced Tasmanian octopus to Egyptian street food, the wide range of industry leading restaurants offers something for everyone.

With Exposed services helping to create the modern, contemporary feel and emphasis the stunning exposed timber, it was important that the suspension solution for the electrical services was both secure and attractive. Gripple Trapeze No3 Plus fitted the bill perfectly. Used primarily for suspending Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC services, the Trapeze ranges offer a range of options be to give the most effective solution possible whilst maintaining a discreet aesthetic.

Capable of suspending up to 225 kg per hanger, the Trapeze range is fully adjustable and comes supplied in ready to use kits with a choice of end fixings, making transit and installation as quick and efficient as possible.

Gripple hangers were used to provide a clean and modern feel to the exposed services.

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