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A versatile suspension kit for a variety of applications including the suspension of HVAC, pipework and electrical containment from different substrates.

Quick – fewer components compared to traditional methods, up to six times faster to install than traditional suspension systems
Safe – no tools or ‘hot works’ permit required for installation, improving health and safety on-site
Strong – industry approved load ratings of up to 325 kg with a 5:1 SWL
Lightweight – easy to move and handle on-site, whilst reducing the load on the building structure
Aesthetic – the design complements enclosed and open soffit spaces



Standard Hanger – Product Information Sheet

Installation Guide

Standard Hanger Installation
5:1 safety factor for load rating No.1 No.2 No.3 No.4 No.5
10 kg 45 kg 90 kg 225 kg 325 kg


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