Create secure, overhead spans by running high strength wire between two fixing points. Designed for installations where no direct vertical anchor point is available, Catenary Kits allow lightweight spans to be created exactly where required for the installation. The Gripple C-Clip, an innovative twist on/off device, allows you to create a suspension point anywhere along the span.

Overhead spans are designed to be discreet can be created retrospectively without the need for specialist tools.

The light duty 3 mm Catenary solution is ideal for suspending lightweight electrical services, ductwork and signage – up to 30 kg per span. 

The heavy duty 6 mm Catenary solution is perfect for suspending M&E or HVAC services, or where a long Catenary is required – up to 100 kg per span. 

Gripple Catenary Kits offer the following advantages: 

  • Lightweight and visually discreet
  • Can be fitted retrospectively
  • C-Clip End Fixing allows horizontal and vertical adjustment
  • No tools needed to install means a fast installation, reducing time spent working at height
  • Available in 3 mm and 6 mm wire rope diameter versions with lockable Gripples, for suspensions up to 100 kg per span, as well as in a lightweight 2 mm option for running cable
  • Supplied as complete, ready-to-use kits, including galvanised wire rope cut to bespoke lengths, a hex locking key and release key
  • Cams lock solidly in place at angles up to 60°
  • Easily tensioned using the Gripple Catenary tensioning tool (6 mm only)