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Gripple Seismic Bracing







Gripple Construction

Gripple Hangers are universally recognised as the world’s fastest and most cost effective hanger system. The product is used for suspending and bracing:

    Other Applications Include:
  • Mechanical / HVAC
  • Electrical services
  • Coldrooms - panel support
  • Signage and shop fitting displays
  • Overhead catenary wires
  • Seismic bracing
  • Marquee and shade cloth bracing
  • Exhibition hall display

Gripple Hangers are used on major projects worldwide, covering Industrial buildings, distribution centres, schools, hospitals, warehouses, and retail stores. In fact, they can be found in some of the most prestigious projects around the world.

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Choice of End Fixings - View Application Video Animations

Gripple hangers come in a variety of end fixings for different applications.

Click on a 'Picture' for more information or 'Video' for application animation:

Loop End
Stud End
Toggle End
Double Leg Y-Fit
Eyelet End
90° Eyelet End
Snap Hook End
Barrel End
Stop End

Video Y-Fit v1
Video Y-Fit v2
Video Y-Fit v3
Video Y-Fit v4

Purlins, beams, roof trusses and other accessible building services
Concrete ceilings, metal decking or brackets
Metal sheeting, luminaries and other cavities
Luminaries, light fittings and supporting containment
Fastening to brackets or fixtures
Concrete, steel and wood
Attachment for clips, brackets and light fittings
Use with T-Bar twist clips for suspended ceilings or fastenings
Lighting channels, lighting track, or other channel fixings

Gripple Hanger Product Size Range



Weight Range

(safe working load)

Hangfast No.1

0 - 10 kg

10 kg

Hangfast No.2*

10 - 45 kg

45 kg

Hangfast No.3*

45 - 90 kg

90 kg

Hangfast No.4

90 - 225 kg

225 kg

Hangfast No.5

225 - 325 kg

325 kg

* Stainless Steel Hangers available in sizes No.2 and No.3


Polyplas International is a Gripple Product Distributor for Australia / New Zealand.

Gripple Hang Fast and Self Locking Wire Rope Grips are a revolutionary hanging system to suspend static loads. Its hanging & installing services applications include roof suspension systems, hanging mechanical services, electrical services, signs, HVAC, installing cable trays, channel, lights, shade sails, mining supports, balustrade & catenary. A wire rope tensioning tool is available for certain applications.

Gripple Hangers are supplied as a kit comprising a length of swage steel wire rope with a choice of loop end, stud end & toggle end fixings, a self locking grip for height adjustment and securing the load and a setting key for unlocking and adjusting the grip if required.

Gripple Hangers are available in 5 load rated sizes.

Hangfast No1 - Hangfast No2 - Hangfast No3 - Hangfast No4 - Hangfast No5

Each size is designed to carry a specific weight range and has a designated Safe Working Load. The SWL is common to each of the 3 different end fixings. The SWL gives a minimum 5:1 safety factor in a vertical plane irrespective of the length of the hanger. Gripple Hangers are available in standard lengths of 1m to 10m. Other lengths made to order.