Gripple exclusive licensee 
for Australia and New Zealand

about us

Polyplas International is the exclusive licensee of Gripple wire suspension and bracing systems throughout Australia and New Zealand. With an intense focus on quality, Polyplas International offer Gripple solutions as cost effective, labour saving wire suspension systems for installations across mechanical, electrical, HVAC, and seismic applications. Since 1999 Polyplas International have established an impressive installation base in both Australia and New Zealand by offering highly reliable, adaptable solutions throughout the construction industry.

Gripple hangers caused a revolution to the building services market as a fast and alternative means of suspension. This innovative approach of using wire rope hangers fast became the benchmark for quick and easy installation of mechanical, electrical, HVAC and plumbing services.

Gripple wire suspension represented an entirely new way of working; load-rated hanger kits quickly proved perfect for ducting, cable containment, lighting, piping, false ceilings, signage and much, much more. Driven by a problem-solving attitude and determination to innovate, the product range has expanded to thousands of variants, offering customers a vast array of revolutionary suspension methods.

It soon became clear that Gripple products were perfectly suited to seismic bracing solutions and the Gripple Seismic product range was born. Now established globally with extensive installations across Australia and New Zealand, Gripple Seismic provides turn-key seismic solutions for nonstructural building components including cable bracing kits, vibration isolation products, estimating services, and licensed engineering.

Not only have Gripple’s versatile products brought speed, improved site safety and best practice efficiency savings to the installation process, the company also prides itself on providing bespoke hanging solutions designed specifically to meet the needs of customers around the world.

The best quality product is always the main priority, whether that is achieved through comprehensive production control, destructive testing of each batch of hangers, or providing the most reliable seismic consultancy available anywhere. Gripple products are made in the UK and locally assembled in Rowville, Victoria, meaning the most complete range of wire suspension and bracing systems with the shortest lead time through Australia and New Zealand on site, when you need it.

Gripple suspension systems provide many advantages over traditional methods such as threaded rod or chain:

  • Typical installations are up to six times faster than traditional methods
  • Ready to use straight from the box
  • Eliminate heavy cutting and fabrication of hangers of site
  • Improved health and safety
  • Reduced time working at height
  • Reduced component weight
  • 95% embodied CO2  savings compared to threaded rod
  • Aesthetics - 2 mm wire rope does the same job as 8 mm threaded rod
  • Easy delivery and handling of materials on site
  • Reduce number of components such as strut, nuts & washers, anchors etc.
  • Versatility – save space in ceiling areas and ability to suspend tray on angles
"...the company’s capabilities are now recognised, admired, and trusted worldwide."


Time Savings

Save up to 85% on installation times compared to traditional methods when you choose to use one of Gripple’s wire rope kits. Not only is the installation faster, there is also no need for pre-work, such as cutting or filing.

Health & Safety

Gripple wire rope suspension kits are provided ready-to-use straight from the box, removing the need for potentially hazardous hot works and cutting on site. One box of standard No.2 kits weighs just 8 kg and does the same job as 150 kg of threaded rod and channel. This results in big reductions, not only is the weight and bulk of carry material reduced, but also the time spent working at height.


For every metre of Gripple wire rope specified against threaded rod, it is estimated that a saving of 1.2 kg of embodied CO2 is made. This equates to a total embodied CO2 saving of up to 95% when using Gripple wire rope in place of threaded rod.


Gripple wire rope kits are lightweight and virtually invisible. Comparing 2 mm wire rope to 8 mm threaded rod, the difference is easy to see. With a trend towards exposed services, Gripple wire rope kits enhance the workspace significantly – especially in retail environments.