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Gripple is a world leading supplier of seismic bracing solutions and seismic restraint systems designed specifically to ensure the proper functioning of non-structural components after an earthquake or seismic event.

All design, manufacture and certification of seismic bracing systems for non-structural components is completed with in accordance with AS1170.4 & NZS4219:2009. This includes bracings for HVAC, cable tray, ductwork pipework and associated equipment and plant.

As well as the industry leading product range, Polyplas International is also able to supply a comprehensive range of technical services for seismic applications serving Australia and New Zealand. The key objective of Polyplas International’s certified Engineering function is to provide the most suitable, cost effective seismic bracing solution for all non-structural building services across the construction market. This focus allows Gripple to confidently say that our solutions are the most effective available option for fully certified, industry proven non-structural restraints.

Polyplas International are pleased to offer the following seismic services:

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Seismic Bracing Installations
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It is crucial to ensure that buildings and assets are properly protected and will continue to operate after an earthquake or seismic event.

Suspended non-structural building components are critical for the proper functioning of a building, and make up a high percentage of a building’s damage in a seismic event. Properly-engineered bracing and isolation of these services is particularly critical for essential facilities that must remain operational in the aftermath of an earthquake or seismic event (such as hospitals, fire/rescue, water/power, etc.), or facilities representing a substantial hazard to human life (such as schools, jails, etc.).

Gripple seismic bracing systems are specifically designed and engineered to brace and secure suspended non-structural equipment (VAV boxes, fans, unit heaters, small in-line pumps, etc.) and components (HVAC duct, conduit/cable tray, and piping) within a building or structure to minimize damage from an earthquake or seismic event. Gripple ensure that the bracing meets the seismic design requirements of the non-structural components, in regards to weight loads of the types of connection.

The types of MEP systems for which Polyplas International can provide bracing & isolation solutions includes:

  • Mechanical & HVAC
  • Electrical & Cabling
  • Piping/Plumbing
  • Fire Protection
  • Safety
  • Emergency Power
  • Security/Communications

Gripple is a world leading provider of seismic bracing and blast protection systems. All Gripple seismic bracing solutions are fully in accordance with both AS1170.4 and NZ4219 and so the perfect solution for bracing non-structural components. Gripple seismic systems are fully tested and approved to OSHPD OPA-2123-10 and UL NEBS GR 63 Core Certification and has SMACNA verification, recognised as the most demanding requirement in the world.

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Seismic Retrofit Installations
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In response to tightening requirements around seismic bracing, an increasing trend across the region is to install seismic bracing systems to existing non-structural components such as HVAC and mechanical and electrical services.

Polyplas International has experience with hundreds of retrofitted seismic bracing applications across Australia and New Zealand, helping to ensure the proper functioning of key services following an earthquake or seismic event.

All Gripple seismic bracing solutions are designed to be just as simple to retrofit as to install during construction. A range of specifically designed retrofit brackets allow for mounting to existing non-structural building components to protect them in the aftermath of an earthquake/seismic event. Gripple seismic solutions are quick and simple to install and

Polyplas International can also supply the expert knowledge to help determine whether your current installations are in line with current seismic regulations, AS1170.4 & NZS4219:2009.

Contact our head office or your local Area Manager for more information on the services Polyplas International can provide.

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Seismic Installation Design & Seismic Specification
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Gripple are able to provide expert advice for all seismic bracing needs in order to ensure the most effective installation for any application. Addressing seismic bracing at the earliest stage of a project is the simplest way to ensure an effective, unobtrusive solution.

The range of seismic services available includes:

  • Engineered seismic bracing calculations based on design category, occupancy, importance and relevant site specific seismic specifications.
  • Detailed engineer’s sealed drawings indicating the location of seismic bracing points and bracket type.
  • Ensuring the optimum quantity of Gripple seismic bracing products per engineering calculations to help maximise cost and time savings. This includes:
    • Seismic wire rope kit with End Fixing and colour coded verification tag
    • Seismic component bracket
    • Gripple Seismic Hanger
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Seismic Consulting
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Proper consultation is the key to fully understanding the seismic risks involved in any project, the consequences of insufficient bracing, and ensuring code compliance. Polyplas International’s Engineering function is able to provide a comprehensive range of consulting services for project stakeholders including Project Managers, Engineers, Architects and Contractors.

The consultation process is crucial in order to:

  • Build the seismic bracing requirements into a project from the earliest stage possible and ensure process efficiency whether on a new construction or a retrofit application.
  • Improve understanding of which components require restraint, where it is required and how many points.
  • Explain the costs and work involved and budget for this form the onset.
  • Ensure a standard specification for all components involved in a project (or number of projects).
  • Prevent unforeseen costs at latter stages of a project.
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Seismic Project Estimates
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Many projects specify provision for seismic restraint of non-structural services and these costs should be planned in to any project budget at the earliest stage possible.

Gripple are able to provide a detailed estimate of the scope and cost of any seismic bracing project. Polyplas International’s certified Engineering team can provide an accurate estimation of the cost of seismic bracing and respective engineering services involved. Drawings, layouts, details and project specifications are checked to determine the overall cost of the necessary seismic restraint design.

Current standards such as AS1170.4 and NZS4219 are used to assess services to be installed and confirm the seismic restraint requirements for each project. Preliminary calculations and restraint layout plans can be developed to assist in narrowing down costs and provide an accurate quotation for the customer.

Projects can also be checked to ensure that the design proposed during the initial phase meets compliance with minimal changes to cost in the final design.

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Seismic Surveys & On-site Support
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Site surveys, on-site pull testing to verify substrate suitability, progress reports and completion certificates can all be provided in order to ensure the most efficient and secure installation possible. Training is also available on a range of Gripple products and time saving installation methods in order to maximise the time and cost savings associated with the Gripple product range.

Gripple on-site training on seismic product installation.
Completion visit by Polyplas International Seismic Specialist to ensure correct installation.

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Seismic Building Information Modelling (BIM) & Seismic Computer Aided Design (CAD)
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Building Information Management (BIM) is a collaborative way of working and is fast becoming the standard method of working. Polyplas International’s Technical Department is able to provide consultants and contractors with full BIM support, ensuring designers are able to have full confidence in their decision making. Designers can then add both fixed and suspended supports for building services, and carry out clash detection in the virtual project environment.

Detailed schedules of Gripple components can be created meaning only the correct quantity of product is ordered, minimising cost and waste.

Models can be provided in the format as required by design scope, including 2D, 3D AutoCAD, and REVIT.

With extensive experience and a wide range of Gripple products and accessories, Polyplas International will be able to provide the perfect solution, whatever the specifics of the application.

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Seismic Projects
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Gripple products have been utilised on an extensive number of high-profile job sites that include research labs, healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, government & military sites, educational institutions, corporate offices, data centres and hotel/casinos.

With experience of many construction projects across Australia and New Zealand, for both new and retrofit installations, the Gripple seismic product range is perfectly positioned to enhance the stability of non-structural equipment and components during a seismic event. Types of equipment and services that have been braced with Gripple Seismic include: VAV boxes, sprinkler pipe, electrical cable tray, junction boxes, lighting, ductwork, plumbing, fan coil units, and more.

Below is a sampling of projects where Polyplas has used Gripple products to provide seismic bracing. For more information or details regarding completed projects, please contact the Polyplas International Area Manager in your region.

  • Wheatstone LNG
  • Curtis Island LNG
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital
  • Royal Children’s Hospital – Perth
  • Frankston Hospital
  • Wagga Wagga Hospital
  • Dunedin Stadium
  • Countdown Hornby, Ferrymead and Brackenfield
  • Wellington Tunnel
  • Christchurch Airport
  • Rockampton Hospital ICU
  • Springfield mater Hospital
  • PA Hospital Brisbane
  • Exxon Mobil PNG
  • Inpex LNG
  • Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Bendigo Hospital
  • Telstra Data Center
  • ANSTO Nuclear Research Facility
  • Knox Plaza
  • Pak ‘n save Wainoni
  • C4 Customs House Wellington
  • Aldi Stores
  • Townsville Hospital
  • Coomera Sports Hall & Leisure Centre
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