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Where: Australia, Nationwide
What: Electrical
When: July 2016


Coles operates 776 supermarkets across the country and employees over 100,000 people. Founded in 1914, Coles has been a leading grocery chain throughout Australia for over 100 years. With their long-term commitment to help Australia grow through supporting Aussie farmers and working towards a sustainable future, Coles have built long-term relationships and help to support local jobs.

Gripple products have been used to create horizontal spans allowing suspension from areas that would otherwise be impossible. By creating secure, industry proven catenary spans, the contractor has far greater flexibility as to where they can suspend key services.
The innovative C-Clip product quickly attaches to the wire rope span and locks securely in place. They can be moved easily to create a secure suspension point at any position along the span.

This was the first time Coles have used the C-Clip product and we have no seen this adopted in multiple stores across the country.

Appreciate the product supplied, install was quick and the finished product aesthetically pleasing.

James Clissold, Site Foreman
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