QT Universal Clamp

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The Quick Twist Universal Clamps are designed for use with Gripple Universal brackets to provide quick and easy pipework installations across mechanical and plumbing services. 

  • Quick and easy installation - Brackets are quickly assembled with quarter turn attachment at centres up to 200 mm
  • Simple – tool free installation
  • Saves labour time - Eliminates the need for cutting channel on site, allowing more productive use of labour
  • Universal - For pipe sizes 15 mm copper (OD15) to 3"/DN80 steel (OD89). Replaces more than 11 different pipe rings
  • Versatile - Can be bolted directly to soffit or wall, or suspended using threaded rod or Gripple hangers at a length from the soffit. 50 mm clearance between pipe and bracket to allow for insulation around the clamp
  • Compatible - Integrates with Trapeze No.2 and Y-Fit suspension kits
  • Improves health and safety - No tools or “Hot Works” permit required for installation
  • 45 kg SWL with a 5:1 safety factor (equivalent to 3 in (OD 89) steel pipe filled with water)
  • Supplied in ready-to-use kits with Gripple Pipe Brackets
  • Improved insulation against vibration
  • Simplifies ‘take-off’ process
  • Easy site storage - reduces waste
  • Retractable, removable sleeve, pre-fitted to wire rope to prevent galvanic corrosion
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